Empathetic and charismatic, our Capri-born Executive Chef Luigi Lionetti brings his Mediterranean cuisine to the Lagoon, characterized by lightness and intensity, careful selection of ingredients, and respect for the local territory.


From bread made with natural yeast, the use of only stone-ground organic flour produced in Veneto, to fresh pasta and pastries. The restaurant also features high-quality local products such as meats from Montello and Alpago, Veneto cheeses, produce from Sant’Erasmo, and of course, fresh fish from the Lagoon.

A few select ingredients, enhanced by techniques that elevate their flavor while preserving their properties and taste.

Dishes that pay homage to the territory, such as Eel Foie Gras with Béarnaise sauce and lemon, Montello Lamb with black garlic, bitter orange, and pak choi, and Red Mullet in “acqua pazza” style.

A classic chef’s signature dish, Spaghetti with five types of tomatoes, exclusively made with products from Campania, is not to be missed.

Unmissable signatures include Red Prawn Bon Bons, Cappelletti stuffed with Parmigiano Vacche Rosse, black truffle, lobster and its consommé, and San Massimo reserve Risotto, scented with lemon and served with burrata, scampi, seaweed, and capers.



The unique dishes from our kitchen, led by our Executive Chef Luigi Lionetti.