Everything is homemade, with passion and authenticity by our Kitchen team, under the expert guidance of Executive Chef Raimondo Squeo


From bread made with natural yeast, the use of only stone-ground organic flour produced in Veneto, to fresh pasta and pastries. The restaurant also features high-quality local products such as meats from Montello and Alpago, Veneto cheeses, produce from Sant’Erasmo, and of course, fresh fish from the Lagoon.

The food preparation and cooking techniques are specifically aimed at reducing handling and simplifying the processes, so as not to lose the true essence of the ingredients.

The sweet and sour marinade used in the classic Saor (marinated sardines), the pepper, nutmeg, cumin, anise, and cinnamon are only a few of the flavors and spices featured in traditional Venetian dishes, and which can be used in many creative ways, depending on the Chef’s own interpretation.



The unique dishes of our kitchen under the guidance of our Executive Chef Raimondo Squeo.

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